James is a Brazilian research and strategy studio working with globally-driven brands


We get our hands dirty all over South America to understand, analyze and translate culture and behaviors to help you & your team get down to business on this side of the planet.

Each project is unique – and it might take us anywhere. That’s why James creates a unique approach for every project we work on.

We have a global mindset working locally to find the answers you need to take your project forward.

Those answers might be on a farm in Lavalleja, Uruguay; a bakery in São Paulo, Brazil; a focus-group in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’ll connect dots, learn from others and find those answers for you.

James brings you global strategic thinking, with boots-on-the-ground in Latin America.




James is headed by Thiago Fontes.


Thiago is a researcher and strategist with over 10 years of experience working in agencies in Brazil and the UK, leading fieldwork from Moscow to Argentina. In 2016 he set up James to bring global level thinking to Brazil. Find out more about Thiago here

James is not one, but many.

We’re always looking for talented people to be part of our network. We bring the best people for the job every time, working with an ever expanding group of high-caliber professionals to find the answers our clients are looking for.

Just send us your details, tell us about yourself, and we’ll be in touch when an opportunity appears.




Clients & Testimonials

We’ve worked with these agencies:


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What people say behind our back:

Thiago was very good for agency Planners to work with and overall was a tremendous partner.
Pete Haskett - Former Global Planning Director // JWT

We’ve worked successfully with Thiago across a wide range of projects over the years: he is a very smart and strategic insight professional - and he is good at spotting and articulating key insights and nuances. He’s also brings a great depth of understanding about the cultural context of Brazil which really adds value.
Tom Ellis - CEO // Brand Genetics

Thiago has been our go-to partner in Brazil for years. He’s a thoughtful, nimble researcher, who always imbues the work with a deep understanding of culture. We’ve benefited immensely from Thiago’s strategic partnership across categories, and especially in the media space.
Thomas McGinley Co-Founder // Forward